The finest of olive oil.


All our oils are recognized and awarded at the most prestigious national or international competitions.

They come from the best oil fields in France, Italy, Greece, or Spain, from Provence to Corsica, from Sicily to Tuscany via Puglia. From Andalusia via Catalonia to Castile La Mancha or finally, in Greece, from the Peloponnese to the Crete in the Ionian Islands.

They come from fruit harvests selected with extreme attention to detail. Then, thanks to extraction methods perfected for several hundred years, are transformed into pure fruit juices, restoring all the aromas and flavors so coveted. Authentic treasures of their regions of origin.

At Perfumed sings, all our oils are labelled AOP or AOC and sometimes organic.

Come discover them and travel with us in the heart of these blessed regions of the gods.

Who we are

Specializing in the marketing of high-end extra virgin olive oil, Parfums d’olive has made a selection of the best oils of European origin for you.

Chosen with extreme rigour, these oils are recognized at the biggest national and international competitions.

From New York-NYOOC, to San Remo-MOOOIC, through the Greek-ATHIOOC event or, not exhaustively, Japan and its olive Japan contest.

Several times medallists, from renowned terroirs, (Nyons, Provence, Abbruze, Puglia, Basilicata, Appellation of Protected Origin or Controlled Origin, (denomination di origin proteta) they are the pride of their producers.

From now on, find them on the site and discover tastes, virtues and authentic flavors of unrivalled quality.



The profession of farmer and especially of olive grower is not learned, it is transmitted!

From generation to generation. Inheritance of ancestral know-how on land of passion.

Family heritage of tens or even hundreds of years.

All the producers selected by olive perfume are among those, who grew up with their olive trees, noble and strong.

Offering you oils close to perfection, recognized, medalists in the biggest international competitions.

From the meeting of the producer, where we forge strong human bonds to the distribution and sale of these oils, Perfume d’Olive is a partner of these exceptional men and women.

Olive oil is a gift of life to offer also to those you love.

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    The finest of Olive Oil